Rising of late Lucky Dube: Nkulee Dube in her father’s footsteps

Nkulee Dube is one of the rising stars of Reggae in Africa. The singer-songwriter, performer, and dancer navigates between Jazz mixed with Soul and spiced up with Reggae. Her approach is both nostalgic and innovative.

Nkulee Dube wants to preserve her father’s musical heritage, Lucky Dube, killed on October 18, 2007, near Johannesburg, South Africa. An approach that reminds African music lovers of the hours of Dube, marked by Reggae that is both danceable and educational.

“I’m going to keep my father’s roots”

With microphone in hand, soft voice, and dreadlocks, the 35-year-old artist knows his role: Honouring his late father’s memory, who left his mark on more than one African. “When I travel around the world

, people tell me: We are happy that someone is taking over and putting on your father’s shoes,” Nkulee regularly repeats during her interviews. “Obviously, I’m going to keep my father’s roots. I am part of this Reggae story.”

Rising of late Lucky Dube: Nkulee Dube in her father’s footsteps
Nkulee Dube

Aware of her talent, Nkulee is doing well in the Reggae music scene in her native South Africa and Jamaica. Her gestures, dance steps, and performance style make her one of the women to watch closely. Her successful performances in Germany, Burkina Faso, Guyana, the United States, Jamaica, and Surinam bear witness.

Like father, like daughter

Highly disciplined like her late father Lucky Dube, she has already shared the stage with artists such as Tosh Meets Marley and Warrior King and is an “ambitious” and “outstanding” artist.

She is the holder of the “Most Promising New Entertainer” award, a recognition for her rise in this musical genre. And when she talks about her father, Lucky Dube, she describes a strict character and a lover of a job well done. Characters who have marked the life of the Raggaewoman. “I grew up with Jazz. I’d like to go wherever Lucky Dube went”.

Fascinated by live music like her late father, the author of the albums “My Way” and “Journey”, is preparing a world tour during 2021. According to her schedule, Nkulee Dube is expected to visit Germany, the Netherlands, France, and England.

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  1. Truth, true beauty and faithfulness of our genuineness never dies. The truthfulness and inspiration of Dear Dear LUCKY DUBE could not have died with him. My much worry any time I listen to his songs is” what happened to the band”” after the captain was assassinated?, Is there no one to inherit this great icon of Raggae music?. Nkulee is therefore timely to succeed Prophet Lucky DUBE, as I called him. Till death The Prophet Lucky DUBE remains fresh in my heart. Nkulee burn the candles and keep your father’s flame and fame. For this love I paid homage to his grave when I was in South Africa 2012.

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