A robot with 30cm throws fearful warning to men [Photos]

A story in the field of technology pleased women, but scared some men, because experts in robotics created a robot with a d!ck of up to 30 centimeters (cm) to meet the needs of women.

The general manager of Realbotix, Matt Mcmullen, said that these robots have a special personality that makes them exclusive so that the customer can choose to their liking. Although it will be a robot, the creators commented that the experience with one of these androids will be different from that of using a v!brator, since the size will be the buyer’s choice.

A robot with 30cm throws fearful warning to men [Photos]

So that there is no doubt about the satisfaction that these robots will cause, Karley Sciortino shared a video on YouTube where he explained how his sezxual experience was with one of these bionic members. The woman explained that with the robot she can ‘spoon’ and even have a chat after the intimate activity.

Apparently, the reality is overcoming fiction, because who would say that to achieve a pleasant experience will not be necessary with all these rituals of conquest. Although the news pleased several, it also upset others, because they expressed that you could not establish a true relationship with ‘someone’ who does not feel the same.

A robot with 30cm throws fearful warning to men [Photos]

According to La Verdad, the robot has a high cost, but it is expected that later they will be more accessible because with one of these androids not only fantasies can be fulfilled, but could even serve as a companion.

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