Rocket attacks on US-base in Iraq, Britain send warships to Persian Gulf

The Iraqi capital Baghdad and the surrounding area have been startled by several rocket strikes. The rockets were dropped in the heavily guarded ‘green zone’, where the American embassy is located. Also, the airbase Al-Balad, where American soldiers are stationed, was targeted, according to the report by the Iraqi army. There were no casualties. Britain is now sending two warships to the Persian Gulf “to protect British civilians better”.

On Al-Balad, some 80 kilometers north of Baghdad, two rockets came down at the base’s depots. American troops training Iraqi soldiers are stationed there. They are now in the highest state of readiness. Helicopters are circling the site.

Missiles have also crashed in the center of Baghdad. This is the green zone, where government buildings and foreign embassies are located. There are strict security measures in place.

In a mortar attack in the Jadriya district, as many as five people were injured. Who is behind the various actions is not clear for the time being.


The rocket attacks occur after the United States killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and his chief lieutenant in Iraq on the night of Thursday to Friday with a drone attack near Baghdad airport. The situation in the region has been tense since that attack.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard (the elite troops of the Gulf State Army; ed.) Promised to take revenge on “all Americans who are within our reach anywhere”. Iran has 35 “vital goals” in mind, including looking at the Persian Gulf.

“US entitled to defense”

Britain is now sending two warships that are heading to protect its citizens. “I had a conversation with my American colleague Mark Esper yesterday,” said British defense minister Ben Wallace. “We call on all parties to mine the situation.”

“In recent months, American troops have been repeatedly attacked in Iraq by militias supported by Iran. General Soleimani played a crucial role in this. Under international law, the US may defend itself against anyone who is a threat.”

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