Ronaldo has Portuguese team bus stop to fulfill sick boy’s dream

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is playing the nation’s League final against the Netherlands tonight with Portugal, has shown himself on his best side when he saw a boy with a beautiful Placard standing by the road.

The last (light) training session at the Estadio do Bessa in Porto was over, when the Portuguese visited the team hotel again. But the bus tour was quickly interrupted: Ronaldo responded to the guy’s request to give him an ‘abraco’, (means hug in Portuguese).

The captain of Portugal immediately let the boy, one Eduardo Moreira, get on the bus and took the time to take pictures. Moreira has been a leukemia patient for ten years and, as he said himself, is Ronaldo’s biggest fan. With this memory, he can undoubtedly continue the fight with a new conscience.

Ronaldo and Portugal play tonight in the Dragon Stadium in Porto the final of the Nations League against the Netherlands. With a hat trick, CR7 was the big man against the Swiss in the semi-final.

Ronaldo may be a notoriously vain person, but as the father of four, he is often ready for (young) fans and regularly gives money to charity. The 1.4 million euros he received for his Golden Ball in 2011, he donated directly to the rebuilding of schools in Gaza, 6 million went to a fund specifically earmarked for children after the Nepal earthquake in 2015.

Ronaldo has Portuguese team bus stop to fulfill sick boy's dream

When Portugal was hit by a series of forest fires in 2017, he took on the medical costs of 370 victims. And also the reason he doesn’t get tattoos is noble. Ronaldo wants to be so sure that he can donate blood at regular intervals. Of course, you can also donate blood with a tattoo, but according to the guidelines, donors have to wait four months after getting a tattoo – otherwise, the risk of infection is too great.

Ronaldo has Portuguese team bus stop to fulfill sick boy's dream

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