Rwandan government at war with bleaching cream

The Rwandan government will launch a campaign against lightening products, used for the “bleaching” of the skin. The Rwandan National Police and the Ministry of Health are preparing to mount a joint operation. Against the sale and distribution of lightening cream banned in the country.

President Paul Kagame spoke on the subject on Sunday and urged both institutions to crack down on the products in question. In response to comments made on Twitter on Sunday afternoon. The President warned of the potential health effects of using chemicals for skin whitening.

Police spokesman, CP John Bosco Kabera, told the New Times weekend – a Rwandan news site – that he was preparing to crack down on the sale and purchase of banned substances. And partnership with the Ministry of Health. “We have the capacity to conduct the operation,” he said.

The use of skin whitening products has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially among women who do so with the hope that it would improve their beauty. But some men also use these dangerous products.

CP John Bosco Kabera has urged companies that trade in illegal chemicals to stop trading. Or prepare to face the anger of the law. Health Minister Diane Gashumba said the law governing the use of these chemicals is already in place.

She noted that the planned operation will also involve other law enforcement agencies such as the Food and Drug Authority and the Rwanda Standards Board. The minister added that the entities involved in this campaign will also raise awareness at the national level. Because some people use these products lightening ignorantly. The operation will go hand in hand with education because among the negative effects of chemicals are skin cancers.

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