Saluting: actors make love for children in ‘Lam Gods’ play

At the NTGent, the controversial play ‘Lam Gods’ last night went into an Avant-Premiere of during remarkable scene two actors make love for a group of children, who also play along in the piece.

“It’s about an erot!c choreography and not about real s*x”, emphasizes the Ghent theatre company. So, there is no penetration. “The children were accompanied, and the parents were informed.”

The play provoked controversy before because it was looking for actors to return with a search for returned Syria fighters. Director Milo Rau then called them “a modern version of the crusaders”. A few days later, NTGent came back to this and stated that it “does not cooperate with and does not give a stage to criminal terrorists”.

Those who were on stage were Fatima Ezzarhouni, the mother of a Syrian warrior. Her son was killed

in Idlib last week. She played Mother Mary.

Free scene with watching children

But the most striking scene had nothing to do with Syria fighters. At some point, Adam and Eve begin to make love while the girl choir is watching from close by. The theatre company emphasizes that it is not about real lovemaking. “It’s about an erot!c choreography”, it sounds. “It’s not what it seems.”

Moreover, the children were accompanied, and the parents were well informed, says NTGent. “We explained to the children that it is the only theatre. They are just two uncovered people who like to see each other.”

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