Scientists discover simple trick to stop your cat from hunting wildlife

Are you often the first to be greeted in the morning by a dead bird, mouse, or a rat at the door? An annoying matter that often accompanies your favorite pet’s (your cat) nighttime campaigns. However, there is a simple way to avoid such carnage: just change your cat’s diet.

Most cats live a wonderful life: rest indoors during the day and then go hunting outside. And when that hunt is successful, cats like to run with their loot.

Simply by taking their prey home. Nature of the creature, nothing to do? According to British researchers, cat owners can prevent such behavior by adjusting their pet’s diet and playing with it a little more.

Of course, a diet and some games will not prevent cats from hunting, the researchers say. But by actively playing with your cat for five to 10 minutes a day, the animals would take home up to 25 percent less prey.

Cats fed mainly with animal protein (instead of soy or grain) even bring home 36 percent less prey.

Especially for the bird population (and bird watchers), it would be a relief if domestic cats would hunt less. For example, a few years ago, biologists stated that cats are “one of the largest exterminators of animal species in the world”. Cats are estimated to catch about 55 million birds per year.

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