Selena Gomez admits: “I’ve never voted before”

Selena Gomez has never voted in the 28 years she has been in the world. But that changed this year when she first cast her vote. The singer told this in ‘Voting Power Hour’, a TV program in the context of the American presidential election.

“To be honest, I’m not ashamed to say this, but I kind of I am: this was my first time,” the singer reveals. “And I say that now because I’ve never felt my vote count. I think a lot of people think: well, what difference does it make?”

On October 22, the actress announced on Instagram that she voted. In addition, she posted a photo on which she carries a sticker with the text ‘I voted’.

She did this by email because of the coronavirus. Gomez belongs to a high-risk group because she is struggling with the inflammatory disease Lupus.

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