Selena Gomez was ‘much happier’ without social media

It’s done Selena Gomez well to take a two-year break from social media. The 27-year-old singer felt a lot happier when she was no longer confronted daily with comments on her appearance, life choices and singing talent.

Selena, who now posts on Instagram and Twitter, was also struggling with the ‘great’ lives that others seemed to have on social media. “There were millions of things I didn’t want to see at all. I saw it pass by the whole time. That’s what I was going to compare myself to,” the singer looked back at the Apple Music’s Beats 1 podcast. “How come everything’s so fun for everyone else?”

Also, Selena came across accounts that only posted negative messages about her. “They were about my body, my face, my features, the choices I made and other stories. It drove me crazy because I wanted to tell them that no one knew what they were talking about. It destroyed me. So I quit, and I tell everyone that it changed everything for me.”

Her time offline was very nice. “I was so much happier with myself and what I looked like. It’s helped a lot.” Writing her new album “weirdo” has also made her more confident and now better able to deal with social media.

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