Senegal registers 6 new confirmed cases of coronavirus

After 13 cases yesterday, Senegal registers six new positive cases for coronavirus this Thursday. This brings the figure to 96 patients and nine cured.

For its traditional press briefing on the coronavirus situation in Senegal, the Ministry of Health announced six new positive coronavirus cases. A decrease compared to yesterday, Wednesday, when 13 cases were published.

Some African countries have also had time to observe what other countries are doing to fight the new virus and to prepare. During the current pandemic, it has been found that some asymptomatic cases have been infectious.

The South African health ministry took this finding into account by identifying these cases and advising quarantine while people with symptoms are being treated.

So far, countries with confirmed cases seem to be managing them. Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia have reported local aces. Widespread person-to-person transmission is what health experts fear most in Africa, as it could quickly overwhelm health systems.

Around the world, there is a strong correlation between the age and severity of Covid infection 19. Adults with pre-existing conditions are more vulnerable. “It is possible that with a predominantly young population, Africa may be spared from severe generalized cases,” says Dr. Nkengasong, because the continent has the youngest population in the world.

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