Senegal: See how Malick gives second life to used tyres

In Senegal, Malick Ngaydé is one of those young people who know how to do something with their hands.

He recycles used tires to make real masterpieces. When asked by Afrikmag reporter, why tires were chosen as a material, Malick answered: “I am always looking for possible means of recycling”.

After a moment of exchanges, the young man explained to them, that when the idea crossed his mind, he got close to one of his friends named Mbaye Diop, who practices carpentry.

Now, the two men are working in partnership to shape the tires as they please. Malick draws the models and helps his friend to make them.

In his work, the duo uses other materials such as wood, glass, metal or plastic.

A rigorous process

In the manufacture of furniture, the tires are first washed, before being repaired. Then they are disinfected, processed and painted.

To the public, Malick is calling for easier tire recycling because he says he can build an entire salon in just 24 hours. Better, the man offers a lifetime guarantee to its products.

Since February 2018, Malick and Mbaye have been creating furniture, which they sell to art lovers.

“People like it and say it’s beautiful, but we want every citizen to take it to reduce the used tires that are everywhere in the country.”

Train young people to have a job

To the young people of Kayar, a small coastal town, Malick kindly offered free training for tire recycling. In total, 45 of them benefited from this teaching.

“Before coming into contact with them, some people were thinking about illegal immigration, but today we have given these young people a chance to stay here and not risk their lives at sea. We have taught these young people how to do business.”

After a rather satisfying session, he said he was ready to tour Senegal to share his passion and know-how.


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