Serena Williams reveals her physique after losing over 20 kilos

A year and five months after becoming a mother, the 37-year-old, tennis player Serena Williams has boasted of her great physical form in social networks after losing over 20 kilos

A year after her return to the tracks, Serena Williams is already physically impeccable. The 37-year-old American tennis player has left behind the overweight of motherhood and already boasts in the social networks of an athletic and sculptural figure.

Serena Williams and also world champion tennis player, who gave birth to Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. on September 1, 2017, has regained her excellent form. After a first season of adaptation, which played few tournaments but managed to reach the finals of Wimbledon and US Opening. And is ready to regain her throne.

According to MTO News, she has lost more than 20 kilos. She reached 90 kilos after delivery and now is just over 65, a weight that closely resembles her best sports years.

This year she has played the Hopman Cup and the Australian Opening, where she fell in the quarterfinals to Karolina Pliskova and, after a month of rest and hard work, Serena Williams scheduled to return to play in early March at the Indian Wells tournament.

Serena Williams reveals her physique after losing over 20 kilos

“You’re phenomenal”, “you’re ready to be number one again”, and “you’re my heroine”, were some of the comments that her followers posted on her Instagram page. A year and five months after becoming a mother, Serena has shown the physical progress she has made. A message that she intends to raise again a trophy and fight for each Grand Slam title.

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