Seth, Thoth, or Nile: What Egyptian god are you by date of birth?

Some like peace and quiet, some like unrestrained fun. Some boldly go to conflict, others resolve it. Different character traits – heredity from mythical creatures?

It’s always fun to find out unexpected facts about yourself. For example, who you were in your past life or why you turned from a cat into a human being. Today we offer you to play around a little and guess: what Egyptian deity could you be? All the answers are below!


The Nile, in mythology, is the generous god of fertility. He was the patron saint of all those born from January 1 to 7, from June 19 to 28, from September 1 to 7, and from November 18 to 26. Representatives of this sign always lived in prosperity, without knowing grief and misfortune. It was enough for them to dream about something, and suddenly everything pretended to reality.

Amon Ra

Amon Ra (or simply Ra) was considered in ancient Egypt as the god of the sun. His “children” were people born in the periods from January 8 to 21 and from February 1 to 11. They were always distinguished by their purposefulness, the ability to keep any situation under control, and a genuine desire for self-improvement. Their whole being radiated positive energy.


It was believed that Mut was the patroness of motherhood. Those born between the 22nd and 31st of January and between the 8th and 22nd of September were entirely at her mercy. They were incredibly caring by nature, always distinguished by their practicality and conservatism. Representatives of this sign most often became mentors.


In Egyptian mythology, Geb is the god of the earth. He obeyed all those who were born from February 12 to 29 and from August 20 to 31 inclusive. These people differed particularly developed intuition and sometimes could even predict the future. They were very much concerned about worldly problems and the environment.


Osiris was the god of regeneration who reigned in the afterlife. People born between March 1 and 10, and November 27 to December 18, possessed his character traits. Strong and vulnerable at the same time, unpredictable and resolute – this is all about the representatives of the sign. These people have never depended on the opinion of others, but at the same time, could not exist alone.


In history, Isis is the goddess of femininity and beauty. Representatives of this sign (born March 11 to 31, October 18 to 29, December 19 to 31) were refined and empathetic individuals. By nature, they are advocates of people. The incredibly energetic and enterprising “children” of Isis always embarked on adventures for the benefit of humanity.


Thoth is one of the most revered gods in ancient Egypt. He represented wisdom and learning. People born under this sign (April 1 to 19 and November 8 to 17) often became scientists and explorers. They were romantic and very enthusiastic natures, who every day aspired to make some global breakthrough.


The son of Isis and Osiris, Horus is known to many as the god of the sky and the sun. He ruled over those born between April 20 and May 7, and August 17 to 19. Representatives of this sign were very brave people. They were ready to die for their principles and dreams. These individuals were fierce optimists who could not be broken by anything and no one.


Anubis, like his father Osiris, reigned in the afterlife. The representatives of this sign (May 8 – 27, June 29 – July 13) are true introverts. They have always enjoyed solitude, although they have had many friends in life. Silence and calmness – these are their faithful companions. However, despite their natural modesty, these people could achieve any goals.


Seth – the god of fury and destruction. From May 28 to June 18 and from September 28 to October 24, people had all the features of his character. Irreconcilable, hot-tempered, and proud, they were simply impossible to get along with. The only thing they were always interested in was narcissism.


In Egyptian mythology, Bastet is the goddess of joy, love, and merriment. Her wards – people born from July 14 to 28, from 23 to September 27, and from 3 to October 17. Representatives of this sign have always been in harmony with themselves, easily find a common language with others, achieve goals literally playing. They were attracted to everything unusual and mysterious, as well as the naive children.


Sekhmet was the goddess of war and fierce vengeance. She was the patron saint of all those born from July 29 to August 11, and from October 30 to November 7. Her “children” were noted for their violent temper and unwillingness to be led astray by anyone. By nature, they are true perfectionists. To compete with them in wit is very dangerous.

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