Shatta Bandle in a boxing ring! Who will challenge him?

A few days after making the buzz with a photo montage of him and Cardi B, who is going through a divorce from her husband, Shatta Bandle, has further unleashed internet users. Surprising everyone, the self-proclaimed Ghanaian billionaire has stepped into a boxing ring and is certainly looking for opponents for a first fight.

As usual, Firdaus Idrissu alias Shatta Bandle, posted his photo in a boxing ring, surrounded by his technical staff and beautiful young ladies. The “Rich Nigga”, who would look for an opponent in his category to play his first fight, really set fire on social networks, so much that the image makes people laugh.

Shatta Bandle in a boxing ring! Who will challenge him?
Shatta Bandle in a boxing ring

The first comment sound like a thunder: “Undisputed champion”. “Floyd Mayweather is nothing more than you,” wrote the second person on his comment section.

“Only God knows who you want to fight. I wish you the best, brother, you have to win,” added the second.

“Who do you want to fight? Let me bet a billion on your,” says another fan, who ironically thinks “Rich Nigga” only does his show like he’s used to.

Even though the post was nothing very serious, Shatta Bandle certainly got what he wanted. Over 30k followers, in less than 12 hours, had over 601 comments for the new Ghanaian boxer.

Living with dwarfism, Shatta Bandle is the internet sensation in Ghana. He frequents raise dust and is invited to several events. But for some time now, it seems that “Rich Nigga wants to conquer all over Africa.

Indeed, he challenged Aliko Dangote, saying that he is richer than the Nigerian businessman. A statement that did not go unnoticed because some Internet users had clashed it.

“Go fix your teeth first before comparing yourself to Dangote.” Or “Increase your height a little and become beautiful since you said money can do anything” are the kinds of comments he received. But Shatta Bandle did not dwell on such words. He always reaffirms that Dangote is his “little one”.

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