Simon Cowell Debuts Rumors of Mel B Affair: “Ridiculous Story”

Rumors have been circulating for a few days that Simon Cowell would have had an affair with singer Mel B, with whom he spent years in ‘America’s Got Talent’. However, Simon denies and insists that he is still delighted with his American girlfriend, Lauren Silverman.

The rumors first surfaced on Saturday evening, after an Instagram Live session by Amanda Holden, who is in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ with Simon. She told her 1.4 million followers: ‘I was thinking: I’m going to bring my new single to him (Simon, ed.), Have a cup of tea and listen to what he thinks’.

“I don’t know why I did that – it was one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve ever done. I sat in his lounge and ate some great cookies made by Geoff, the chef. I don’t think they have a chef in lockdown. The great Lauren, Simon’s girlfriend, sent me some nice pictures of them yesterday while they were cooking. I think Simon is quite good at cooking.”

Unfortunately, Hollie, Amanda’s eight-year-old daughter, interrupted her at the time. “I thought they were split up?” It sounded surprised.

Suspicious Lauren

Then the bird started to take-off ultimately. Because it was not surprising to assume that Amanda’s family – close friends with Simon’s – would be aware of a possible break-up.

A source quickly surfaced in the British press. It said that Lauren had accused her friend of having an affair with Mel B. ‘Poor Lauren adores Simon, but of course, she is very suspicious of all the female attention he gets because he is so charismatic, women approach him like flies. Lauren is tearing apart. Although it is quite understandable, because the fact that they are still not married, even though they have a son together, makes her insecure.’

The source denies that Simon and Mel would have (had) a relationship. “Simon obviously gets along well with Mel and his other female colleagues, but it’s just that. There is absolutely no question of a romance. They were both quite angry – and horrified – when Lauren accused them of an affair that never happened.”

In the meantime, Lauren and Simon have talked about their problems: “It is solved now, and everyone agrees again. But for a while, it was, of course, extremely uncomfortable. ”

“Ridiculous and pointless”

Simon, who has been a couple with American Lauren since 2013, has had his spokesperson respond to the rumors. “This story is extremely ridiculous and completely pointless because there was no affair at all. Simon and Lauren are very happy together as a couple. They’ve been together in a Los Angeles lockdown for over six weeks now.” The couple alternate stays in London and Los Angeles, together with their six-year-old son Eric.

Amanda has also responded to the fuss in the meantime. “Hollie recently saw Lauren when she was about to fly back to America during the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ auditions. She wanted to visit her oldest son. I can only assume that Hollie, therefore – erroneously – thought that there was a break.”

“In reality, Lauren and I already exchanged several photos of our families during this lockdown. And Simon even learned to cook!”

Sun and Metro UK
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