Simon Rex was offered $70,000 to “lie and screw up” Meghan Markle

That the British press has been targeting Meghan Markle (38) for some time is no big secret. In an interview, actor Simon Rex now reveals the lengths the tabloids go to put the wife of Prince Harry (35) in a bad light. “I was offered $70,000 to come up with a fake relationship.”

45-year-old Simon Rex, known for his roles in ‘Scary Movie’, collaborated with Meghan Markle on an episode of the ‘Cuts’ series in 2005. After meeting on the set, the two decided to go on a ‘date’, although the two did not call it that at the time. “Nothing happened then. It was all quite friendly”, he said in an interview with Hollywood Raw Podcast.

Presumably, there was no second date because Meghan discovered that the actor had a history in the porn industry. “It yielded just enough to pay the rent. In hindsight, it wasn’t my best move,” admits the actor, who even won an award for his performance in that movies. From the age of 18 to 20, he worked in the industry, after which he was discovered as a model and was allowed to pose for brands such as Calvin Klein and Versace.

When it became known that Rex once had a date with Markle, the press jumped to put the new royal in a bad light.

“Some British tabloids offered me a lot of money to make up a little lie that we had shared the bed. I then said no to a very large amount because it didn’t feel right to lie and screw up the royal family,” he says. “It was about $ 70,000.”

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