Singer Hadise: a difficult year with a lot of debt, but she still lives in luxury

“I had a very difficult year,” says Hadise, who celebrated New Year in Paris. The singer has a lot of debts besides a heavy personal year. But she lives in luxury, says Tv Family.

The Flemish-Turkish singer has had her portion problems in 2018. Her mother wanted to step out of life, Hadise was scammed by her own sister and the whole family got torn. Hadise was besieged by a stalker who broke into her. And the bankruptcy of its Belgian company will not be dealt with. The judge has now appointed a lawyer who must map the debts.

A superstar
And there is also the beach club that Hadise opened in Turkish Bodrum. That case makes a loss, the debts amount to more than 300,000 euros and a lawsuit is now pending. Now, Hadise will not eat less sandwich. She is no longer that simple but charismatic girl from a Mol workers’ working class who ventured her chance in ‘Idol’ on VTM.

In Turkey, Hadise is a superstar. She starts between 16,000 and 75,000 euros per performance. She is on the jury of the busy Turkish ‘The Voice’, a fat-paid job of course. And just recently Hadise signed a publicity deal with a beverage brand that earns her nearly 600,000 euros.

4,500 euros rent
The singer likes to invest her money in real estate. She bought her first home in Brussels. At the beginning of her career in Turkey, she rented an apartment in Istanbul. But 4,500 euros per month rent Hadise found in the long run too much. So, she bought a loft in the Turkish city, with a view of the Bosporus. In the spring of 2018 she treated herself to a beautiful holiday villa with swimming pool in Bodrum. Price: 1.6 million euros. And she also owns an apartment in Miami. So, despite all the misery, Hadise can fully enjoy luxury.

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