Stars are only people: Christian Bale has been driving the same truck for 17 years

It’s about one of Hollywood’s biggest clichés: stars that flames past on Sunset Boulevard with the most luxurious cars and roaring engines. Although Christian Bale is a little less easy to spot, because the Oscar winner has been driving around with the same dilapidated pickup truck for almost seventeen years: “That thing just can’t be broken.”

No expensive ‘Lambo’, ‘G-Wagon’ or ‘Rolls’ at Bale’s doorstep, because the same truck has been in the driveway of the British for years.

The actor explained during interview at the Toronto Film Festival that he was immediately sold when he saw the 2003 Toyota Tacoma (better known as ‘Hilux’ ed.) for sale: “I’m crazy about it, because that thing just can’t be broken. It’s never been of any use to me, and that says a lot to someone who takes very little care of his car.”

“Just look at the news fragments from North Africa and the Middle East: these guys all drive around in the desert with a Hilux.”

“That’s really not a coincidence. You can drive off the entire desert without any problems, without having to refuel at all. I advise anyone who doesn’t know anything about cars or mechanics to bring the same truck into the house.” (laughs)

His favourite car came up again recently after being interviewed about his latest film ‘Le Mans 66’.

‘Le Mans 66’ has been shown in cinemas since this week.

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