Story of Zimbabwe’s Goblin crisis: They invade marital beds

Forget African mermaids. Stories of encountering creatures from folklore and legends are widely spread on the Internet and social media throughout Africa. The case of an encounter with Zimbabwe goblin of mystical creatures.

In Zimbabwe, Goblins are a problem of increasing concern. In February 2012, schoolgirls from St. Sebastian High School in Bulawayo fled and screaming after being attacked in their classrooms by goblins that resembling Dwarves, who turned into baboons.

These evil spirits, in the Shona language, are known as zvikwambo and are believed to be visible only to those they attack. Apparently, the story of cruel mermaids who frighten workers who need to install water pumps on reservoirs has also been identified as zvikwambo.

These goblins have been accused of everything from invading marital beds and claiming sexual favors to attacking nurses and the police. Even politicians have not escaped dealing with the little troublemakers.

A local businessman named Isau Mopfumi was forced to defend himself against accusations of using goblins to entice people to buy his goods. Employees at Mupfumi’s headquarters discovered a “goblin” that looked like a snake in a bottle full of human blood, and an alleged photo of Mupfumi’s gnome went viral among Zimbabweans on Facebook and WhatsApp.

For his part, Mopfumi has denied everything and claimed that the accusations come from rivals jealous of his land purchases: “I’m a dedicated Christian, and I’m not into goblins. It’s sad that for every successful deed, there are always people determined to take you down.”

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