Striking image: mama koala protects her baby against the onset of forest fires

Fires have ravaged the outback of Queensland for several days. Houses go up in flames and wildlife is not spared either. But among all the misery, there is also a story with a happy ending. The fire department found a koala mama who was able to save her baby from the fire. A photo of the endearing duo now goes viral.

Forest fires in eastern Australia have destroyed more than twenty homes and a famous historic ecolodge. The forest fires are already raging for the third day in a row.

Firefighters fight the numerous fires with man and power but have not been able to prevent thousands of hectares from going up in flames. Amongst all that fire, they have also made an extraordinary discovery in the Canungra area. They found a koala mama in a burnt-out area.

The animal was burned on the back and ears and sat on a still-smoldering tree trunk. In no man’s land and alone in the world, it seemed like that. But the mom wasn’t apart.

She tightly held a baby in her arms. The little one was healthy thanks to her courageous mother. Despite the pain of her injuries, the koala mama had never released her sprout and saved her from dying — a whole tour of power that moves.

“Everything around them had completely burned down,” said fireman Peter Waugh. “The koala mama has protected and saved her little one.”

Striking image: mama koala protects her baby against the onset of forest fires
©Jimboomba Police – A koala mama with her little one in the middle of the smoldering earth.

Both animals were taken to an animal clinic. There they can recover from their dangerous adventure.

ABC News, Beaudesert Times
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