Strongest baby in the world? Lula can stand upright after 8-weeks

Lula is only fifteen weeks old, but she can already stand upright independently. Her first successful attempt took place even after eight weeks. Usually, this happens at the earliest from six months, and then with the necessary support. Tezra Finn-Johnston (31) and his girlfriend Emily Derrick (23) like to believe they have the strongest baby in the world.

Lula was born on January 31 in the British city of Bristol, with 2.5 kilograms on the counter. To give you an idea: the average weight in the most developed world for a newborn baby varies from 3 to 3.5 kilograms. “After a few days, we noticed that she could already keep her head fairly straight,” it sounds.

However, the little UK would continue to amaze them. When she was one month old, she got one of her tantrums, says Tezra. “I tried to get her to sit on my knee to calm her down, but she refused to bend her legs. So she just stood up.”

She still did that occasionally in the coming weeks, Tezra continues. “But would she be able to do that if she wasn’t cranky? I held her carefully and sure … She passed with flying colors. In articles, I read that it normally takes nine months to a year before babies can properly carry their weight.”

Strongest baby in t he world? Lula can stand upright after 8-weeks
©SWNS – Tezra and Emily with their brave sprout.

Tezra emphasizes that he doesn’t force his daughter to do anything. “I just help if she wants to try something. And then she throws a smile at it as if she really wants to unpack.”

Whether Lula is really the youngest baby who can present such letters of nobility remains a matter of coffee. The ‘Guinness Book of Records’ has so far only featured Reuben Robinson because he was able to take the first steps after six months. So Lula has some time for that.

“Don’t grow too fast”

But competition is absolutely out of the question, Tezra assures. He is addicted to matches between powerhouses. “I love to watch Eddie Hall’s YouTube videos with my daughter, aka ‘The Beast’. In 2017, he was voted the strongest man in the world. I like to tell myself that she got her inspiration there.”

For postman Emily, her daughter’s development is going too fast. “She is no longer interested in a rattle or other toys for her age. She looks older than she really is. “Don’t grow up too fast, I think.”

Experts emphasize that it is not a good idea to let a baby stand up prematurely. “It is not good for the position of the feet. The hips and pelvis are also still developing and are not suitable for this posture,” it warns.

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