Swedish company invents chip to store corona pass under the skin

The Swedish company DSruptive Subdermals has invented chips with which people can store their corona pass under the skin. The chip can then simply be read with a smartphone.

Several thousand Swedes have had an implant inserted in recent years so that they can no longer forget their keys, entrance tickets, or train tickets. From now on, this is also possible with the vaccination pass.

“I programmed the chip in such a way that my vaccination card is on it. The reason is that I always want to have it on hand. To read the chip, I just have to point my smartphone at it, unlock it, and it opens,” explains Hannes Sjoblad, the boss of DSruptive Subdermals.

“The chips do not contain a battery and do not transmit a signal. They are, therefore, largely in a state of rest and do not hide where you are,”

Hannes Sjoblad, DSruptive Subdermals.


“A subcutaneous chip costs about a hundred euros for the most advanced version. If we compare that with an electronic bracelet, they generally cost twice as much. In addition, a chip can last 30 to 40 years, while such a bracelet only has a lifespan of 3 to 4 years”, emphasizes Sjoblad.

Sjoblad, who says he is very interested in everything that has to do with privacy, also tries to convince people who are reluctant to this technology. “The chips do not contain a battery and do not send out a signal. Therefore, they are largely in a state of rest and do not hide where you are. They are only activated when you point your smartphone at them,” it sounds.

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