Taliban breaks the truce, barely two days after agreement with US

On Monday, the Taliban announced the end of the partial ceasefire that had begun on 22 February. The Islamist group will resume the offensive against the Afghan security services, two days after the signing of the historic agreement with Washington.

The period of limitation of violence, which lasted nine days, ‘has ended, and our operations will resume as normal’, said rebel spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

According to the spokesman, the fighters will not attack the foreign troops, but the operations against the forces of the government of Kabul will continue.

Taliban breaks the truce, barely two days after agreement with US
©AFP – Taliban in Afghanistan, today.

The agreement that the US and the Taliban signed on Saturday in Qatar’s Doha should lead, among other things, to inter-Afghan peace talks.

The US and allies are also withdrawing their troops, on condition that the Taliban adhere to their commitments. It is not clear what the announcement of the Taliban means for this agreement.

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