Tesla wants to use laser beams to replace windshield wipers

Tesla has designed a methodology to remove water and dirt from a car window using laser beams. The patent of the American electric car manufacturer has been approved. Therefore, the classic windshield wiper would become redundant.

The windshield wiper is one of the oldest and least developed parts of a modern car. In terms of form and function, it is basically the same as the models that were on the first cars. And in terms of performance, it could indeed be better.

Windshield wipers are mechanical and tend to smear debris across the windshield rather than effectively sweeping it away. In short, the technology is due for an upgrade, and if it is up to Tesla, the wipers will one day be replaced by lasers.

Solar panels

That would not only be useful for car windows. As vehicles use more technology, such as cameras, sensors, and solar panels, there is a growing demand to keep these surfaces clean without going to the car wash. Solar panels on homes could also benefit from the technology.

The patent application dates back to May 10, 2019, describing how ‘dirt detection circuits’ can determine whether dirt has accumulated. The jet is specifically aimed at the problem area based on how much dirt is detected and where it is located.

In addition, laser pulses must burn away the dirt, without really penetrating the glass surface and causing damage to the occupants or sensitive electronics. It is not known when Tesla intends to apply the system, but Tesla’s Cybertruck with its smooth surfaces seems like a nice model to equip with the technology.

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