Thai with corona spits train passenger on the face and dies shortly

A very frightening event that happened in Thailand – at a train station in Bangkok, an older adult spat a train passenger in the face. Then the spitter died a little later inside the train. When his body was discovered, it also turned out that he had the coronavirus among the members, reports the British newspaper Metro.

The scene at the train station in the Thai capital is captured on video. The images show an older man with a walking stick with a mouth mask dangles loosely from his face. The man stumbles towards the counter to buy a ticket, and another train passenger is waiting in front of the bar. The older man walks towards the waiting train passenger and spits on his face.

After the incident, the elderly man passed a checkpoint where body temperatures are measured. According to the British newspaper, the man was coughing at the checkpoint and had to vomit. However, the Thai still took the train. When the train stopped in a city about a few hundred kilometers south of the capital, the man collapsed by a toilet on the train. When the man died, medical personnel immediately tested the man for corona, and this turned out to be the case.

Passed all checks

Thakoon Intrachom, director of the Thai railways, says he is looking for the man who was spat at Bangkok station. “We have not found him yet, and he must go to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Medical personnel says the man had just returned from Pakistan by plane. At the airport, he just passed all the checks. When the man wanted to board the train, his temperature was 36 degrees. The Thai was in a compartment with 15 others during the incident. Eleven people were quarantined as a precaution, including seven members of the train crew.

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