The benefits of having friends much older than you

As we mature, friendships are formed around our similarities and interests and not necessarily around age. After all, we are less likely to know the generations of all people because we are no longer in school.

So we are more likely to make friends with an age difference. And if that happens, then the benefits are many. So if you have a friend much older than you, it is a gift of life because this difference brings less comparison, less judgment, and less competition. No, because he is better, but because he has experienced several things in his life.

An older friend will always be by your side; he will be the one to support you, he will offer you his wisdom generously, he will be the one who will drink a bottle with you and will listen to everything you have to say to him. He will laugh with his soul in the pleasant, and in the unpleasant, he will be there.

An older friend will tell you all these things that no other person will have the power to say to you. And you may not talk to him the next day, but in a week, you will call him to apologize because you will understand that everything he said was only for your good, to become better people.

It is essential not to be limited to our generation but to learn and grow together, to share stories, views, and perspectives.

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