The biggest loser this election: girlfriend puts Lil Wayne on the street after supporting Trump

Lil Wayne’s girlfriend has ended their relationship. According to TMZ, Denise Bidot (34) did this because she does not like the rapper’s political preference, who publicly expressed his support for Donald Trump last week.

Lil Wayne met the president in Miami last week. The rapper shared a photo on Twitter showing the two together, writing that Trump “is doing everything he can to improve the position of African Americans.”

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. – as Lil Wayne is actually called – said he had a very good meeting with the president.

In this, Trump would have promised to invest in black communities. “We had a nice conversation, in which he really listened to what I had to say. He has assured me that he can make things better.”

‘Shocked and Disappointed’

Not much later, Denise deleted her account on Instagram, but not before she stated the following: “Sometimes loving is not enough”. According to her circle, Bidot was “shocked and disappointed” by Wayne’s political statement.

On Lil Wayne’s Instagram, there are still all kinds of snapshots of Denise.

According to their environment, no more loving photos will follow in the future.
©Instagram – According to their environment, no more loving photos will follow in the future.

Lil Wayne’s fans are also divided on his support for Trump. “I think you’re a nice guy, but just as serious: you’re not serious, are you? How stupid can you be? That man has not looked after the black population for 4 years,” writes a follower.

Another response: “Yes! Finally, someone who gets it. Democrats have never done anything for the black community, but Donald Trump saved us from that. I completely agree with you.”

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