The cutest police car in the world has a top speed of 45 km/h

Agents on the Greek island of Chalki are going to catch crooks with a police car that is only 8 HP strong and has to be recharged after 70 kilometers. The top speed of the electric Citroën Ami is 45 km/h.

During a chase, cops must hope that criminals will fall to the ground laughing as they are chased by the cutest police car in the world. They don’t like their speed: if you pedal hard, you will stay ahead of this police car, even on a bicycle.

Moreover, after seventy kilometers, it is over and out for this Citroën Ami because it has to be connected to the charging cable again.

Fortunately for the local police force, the island is only 34 kilometers in circumference. As long as the thieves do not drive more than two rounds around the island, agents can still catch them.

Chalki wants to become the first eco-island in Greece. In this context, Citroën is donating six electric cars to the local authorities. In addition to four Citroën Ami (two for the police and two for the coastguard), two electric copies of the Jumpy and the C4 are also coming to the island.

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