The first case of Coronavirus in Nigeria “person from Italy”

The Nigerian Ministry of Health announced on Thursday the first case of a person from Italy infected with the Coronavirus. And that is the first known case of Coronavirus in Nigeria.

Health officials in Nigeria on Thursday officially declared a coronavirus patient in their country. According to the Ministry of Health, the first identified Coronavirus in Nigeria is an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria and who returned from Milan to Lagos on February 25.

The man was tested in the virology laboratory of the Lagos University Hospital. Authorities say the patient is stable, with no severe symptoms, and is being treated in a Lagos hospital. The Nigerian government has announced that it is preparing for this eventuality and has activated its national emergency operations center to implement control measures.

A decision has been made to identify all those who have been in contact with the patient since his entry into Nigeria.

Experts report that to date, only three people have been officially infected with Covid-19 disease on the continent, including one in Egypt, one in Algeria, and one in Nigeria (the Italian arrived from Milan which is the first Coronavirus patient in Nigeria), for no deaths.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80,000 cases and 2,800 deaths have been recorded in around fifty countries, mainly in China, where the first outbreak of the epidemic appeared in the city of Wuhan,

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