The most “powerful” passport in the world is…

The United Arab Emirates passport is the most “powerful” passport in the world according to the Passport Index. The inhabitants of this country can enter 167 countries without a visa.

The passport of UAE citizens would be the most “powerful: in the world, as indicated by the Passport Index. Currently, residents of this country can travel to 167 countries without a visa.

In our glorious national day, our achievements have been crowned. The Passport index has just rated the UAE passport as the first in the world to enter 167 countries around the world without a visa. The world is opening to the people of the UAE,” UAE Prime Minister and Vice President Mohammed bin Rachid Al Maktoum wrote on Twitter.

As noted by the country’s foreign minister, Abdallah ben Zayed Al Nahyane, this ranking “shows what can be accomplished with positive diplomacy that presents the UAE as an active and confident force on the world stage”.

Earlier, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a Passport Force initiative to make the country’s passport one of the most “powerful” by 2021. It was ranked 27th in the same ranking in December 2016. The classification of passports takes into account the number of countries. That its holder can visit without a visa or receiving one upon arrival in the country.

Singapore and Germany are tied for second place. Their nationals can travel to 166 countries without a visa.

France, as well as the United States, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and others have access to 165 countries without a visa and occupies the third position in this ranking.

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