The radical change of a former bodybuilder who takes his own urine

John dePass consumed 5 thousand calories a day and now barely adds 3 thousand a week. He said that this change allowed him to end chronic pain and changed his life for good.

In 1997, John DePass represented Canada in the “Mr. Universe” bodybuilding competition. An edition he began a lifestyle that consisted of consuming 5 thousand calories per day. And accompanying such a diet with several hours of gym to mould the muscles.

At more than 30 of that time, the Canadian has completely changed. Father of three children and turned into personal trainer, he decided to end the “chronic pain” that he felt in his body. He start a controversial method that according to him has turned out.

“I have been experimenting with urine for the past two years, and that has significantly increased my standard of living over the past six months,” he said in remarks reported by the Daily Mail. DePass now consumes 3 thousand calories a week. From Monday to Friday he only drinks his own urine, although sometimes a fruit and vegetable smoothie is also prepared. On weekends, he has a more “normal” diet, based on homemade food.

“On Fridays I have fruit and a smoothie, then on Saturdays I reintroduce the vegetables, on Sundays I try to eat meat and pasta, rice or potatoes, sometimes also as vegan cookies or ice cream for dessert,” he explained. But then he starts a fast that only breaks when he swallows his urine.

On this, DePass, 46, said it was not easy to start due to the opinion of his family: “My wife has overcome her disgust, and initial judgment towards me. And has come to see how (to drink urine and not feeding me) has benefited my life. Although, she is not joining me in the drink. She is no longer an extra resistance, I was so afraid of the ridiculous of the opinions of others. But that did not stopped me, not even my wife. And my children knew it at the beginning.”

His new body has allowed him to lose more than 15 kilos and drop the pain that afflicted him during the last years in which he dedicated himself to bodybuilding. From the age of 19, the Canadian, now the father of three children, dedicated himself to bodybuilding. Which led him to become the American champion in 1996 and which left him one step away from becoming Mr. Universe.

“I lived for 30 years focusing on developing the body and try to increase the size of nutrients, vitamins and minerals they consume. After years of doing that consistently, I noticed that I was starting to have some symptoms of which did not have an explanation. Digestive problems, sleep problems, very bad pains in my body, I was not isolated, I had Achilles tendon pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, I was moving from one space to another,” he recalled in a conversation with Daily Mail.

“A couple of years ago, I began to reduce my flesh and I noticed changes immediately, the pain began to subside for almost a day or two, I slept better, I felt better, my body is more alive, energetic, vibrant. I can express myself better, I’m more aware and I sleep better, I can breathe more deeply.”

At first it was the meat, but then decided to cut everything. And just take urine except on weekends: “I call it “unfooding”. From Monday to Friday I do not eat.

Having been a bodybuilder until the age of 35, his body changes fiercely according to his intake: “If I spend five days without eating I can go down to 59 kilos. When I rehydrate and eat on weekends, I can reach 68 kilos.”

Currently, DePass enjoys his family while working to train others to lose weight: “I do not tell people when they come in that they need to drink their urine or stop eating food.” Although, he recognizes that if with exercise and healthy diet you do not find results, he dies another option: “We present an idea, such as intermittent fasting, which is a fairly common trend now.”

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