The travel blogger with same cloud background on photos

Travel blogger Tupi Saravia is in a storm of criticism after an attentive follower remarked that the clouds in her various photos were very similar. He placed the pictures on Twitter, where they went viral in the meantime.

The influencer herself doesn’t see the problem and says that she never concealed the fact that she was editing her posts. She thinks that this is part of the artistic freedom of a photographer. The Argentine Tupi Saravia has already collected almost 300,000 followers on her Instagram account.

There she regularly places photos of her distant travels to all corners of the world. On those snapshots, the young woman always poses with a broad smile at imposing buildings, at colorful markets or under a shining sky.

And the latter was noticed by Twitterer Matt Navarra. When he started to scroll through her photos, he noticed that the same cloud sky came back very often. He posted the remarkable finding on Twitter, and they have been liked there more than 30,000 times.

The reactions were distributed on Twitter. Some people react angrily and find it unacceptable that a person with so many followers does not correctly represent the truth. “Falsify all the pictures? I see that other users do the same, as a photographer, I can’t stand this”, writes a frustrated follower. “So she can influence followers as well as the weather,” says another twitterer laughing.

Other users think it’s normal for her to edit her photos. “This is common practice with almost all relevant brands. This is the least ill-intentioned and softest form of substantive manipulation that exists” a follower defends her.

Artistic freedom

On her account, the Tupi Saravia defends herself against the fierce criticism. She says she never hid that she adjusted her photos. In her Instagram workshops, she also teaches people how to edit photos, and on Instagram, she previously shared that she uses Quickshot to improve her photos.

Tupi Saravia does not see the problem of editing photos. According to the influencer, that is the artistic freedom of photographers. “I’m even the first to joke that it’s the clouds that follow me all over the world,” she adds.

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