The trick to protecting your privacy on WhatsApp

If you are worried about keeping your data and the content you share on WhatsApp, know that you are not alone. Privacy and security are important for the platform and its users who want to be protected from those who can hack the system from within and when their phone falls into the wrong hands.

In the latter case, several methods protect you that you may not yet know, such as the ability to block the application.

If you inadvertently leave your phone unattended, even for a few hours, it is a good idea to have a protection plan for WhatsApp and everything in it.

So the basic step you have to do is download the “Applock” application which allows you to put a lock with a password or even a fingerprint. This application works with all other apps, so you can use it to protect other files on your phone that you would not want to be exposed to.

So if you tend to leave your device unprotected (although it can happen to everyone here), you can sleep a little more peacefully from today.

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