Then no ‘Tomdaya’ baby: Zendaya suppresses pregnancy rumors

“Is Zendaya pregnant?!”, was the pressing question of many curious Twitter users. Since the actress (25) found love with her ‘Spider-Man’ counterpart Tom Holland, the fans hope – not even secretly – for a love baby. TikToks and tweets made ‘Tomdaya’ fans their hearts beat faster, but they were now disappointed when Zendaya himself brushed off the rumours: “This is why I don’t go on Twitter. Things are made up every week, for no reason.”

The ball started rolling because of a viral TikTok trend. Strangely enough, that trend revolves around misleading people. So deliberately spreading fake news. A dancing Kris Jenner should emphasize that with the mention “You just got Krissed”. With a clear hashtag on top. Still, not everyone scrolls far enough. And so it was quickly spread, believing that Zendaya and Tom Holland will soon become parents.

TikTok viewers quickly switched to Twitter where they reported the happy news. “Zendaya is pregnant? I’m so happy for her”, “That will be the most beautiful baby ever” and “I can’t believe Zendaya is pregnant, that’s the news of the century!” we read among thousands of tweets. Zendaya herself is less enthusiastic about the trend. “This is why I’m staying off Twitter. Things are made up every week for no reason,” the actress writes on her Instagram.

Instagram Story Zendaya © Instagram @zendaya
Instagram Story Zendaya ©Instagram @zendaya

Zendaya and her boyfriend are very fond of their privacy anyway. They talked about that in November, during an interview with ‘GQ’. “One of the disadvantages of our fame is that we no longer really have control over our privacy. A moment that you think is between two people who love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the whole world.”

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