These 10 actors are very sorry they said ‘yes’ to these films

Actors do not always seem to be proud of the films they make. Take Taron Egerton (30), for example, who admitted that the recordings of the film ‘Robin Hood’ had not been a great experience and that he did not like the result. But Taron is not alone. These ten colleagues also look back on one of their projects with mixed feelings.

Viola Davis – “The Help”

Although she was nominated for an Oscar for her role in “The Help,” Viola Davis is very sorry to promise to perform maid Aibileen Clark. “Have I ever played roles that I regretted?” Certainly, and “The Help” is on that list, she confessed to The New York Times. “I want to know what it feels like to work for white people. I want to know how you really feel about it, but I have never heard that in the entire film.”

Katherine Heigl – “Knocked Up”

In ‘Knocked Up’, Katherine Heigl plays an ambitious woman who becomes pregnant with a casual guy, played by Seth Rogen. Katherine was not really satisfied with the end product, she told Vanity Fair. “It’s a bit sexist. It depicts women as feuds, without humor and stiff. And the men are portrayed as sweet, silly boys who love to have fun. It enlarges the characters and I found it very difficult on certain days. I play such a bitch, why does she have to ruin the atmosphere like that?”

Idris Elba – “The Wire”

‘The Wire’ may have been a major breakthrough for Idris Elba, but the actor is quite sorry for his interpretation. “We all glorify Stringer Bell (his character, ed.), But who do we actually glorify?” He wondered during the James O’Brien podcast. “It’s okay to pump a whole community full of heroin, but because you do it in a smart way, it makes you cool? I had problems with that.”

Harrison Ford – “Blade Runner”

‘Blade Runner’, the Ridley Scott film, has since grown into a real cult film. But director Scott apparently couldn’t decide which film he wanted to make, and so he made no fewer than seven versions. In a release, the Harrison Ford character, Rick Deckard, provides the narrative voice; in another the narrative voice is not present. Leading actor Ford is not a fan of any version. “I didn’t like the movie., Of any version, with or without a narrative voice,” he explained in 2017. “I played a detective who never did detective work. If you then ask how I got a feel for the material, I have to say that I found that very difficult. Things happened that were really crazy.”

Channing Tatum – “GI Joe”

An action film seems to be a dream for many actors, but not for Channing Tatum. “I’ll be honest: I really hated that movie,” said the actor about “GI Joe.” “I was forced to participate. The script was bad. And I didn’t want to participate in something that I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid and that I watched every morning when I was growing up, but I knew this version was going to be bad. And besides, I just didn’t know if I wanted to be GI Joe.”

Robert Pattinson – “Twilight”

Robert Pattinson has never made it a secret that he was not a fan of the ‘Twilight’ film series in which he played. For example, he said: “It is strange to represent something that you are not a fan of.” Or also: “When I read it, it seemed like a book that should not have been published.” And finally he admitted that he would have simply “hated” the series, he must not have played in it himself.

Jessica Alba – “Fantastic Four”

Jessica Alba was allowed to play Invisible Woman in the super hero film ‘Fantastic Four’, but that was not exactly a great experience, she later announced in Elle magazine. “I hated it. I really hated it,” she admitted. “I remember having to die in “Silver Surfer”. The director said, “it looks too real. It looks painful. Is she crying? Nice crying, Jessica.”

Michelle Pfeiffer – “Grease II”

The first ‘Grease’ film was a huge success and so a follow-up was not to be missed. Michelle Pfeiffer was given the female lead, although she now regrets it. “I really hated that movie,” she admitted. “I couldn’t believe how bad it was. But at the time, I was very young and didn’t know any better.”

George Clooney – “Batman & Robin”

Another superhero with regret. George Clooney acted as Batman in the film ‘Batman & Robin’, but soon had doubts. “Let me just say that I really had the feeling that I had personally killed the franchise, until someone else brought it back to life a few years later and changed it,” George said. “It would be a career move, but it wasn’t.”

Matt Damon – “The Bourne Ultimatum”

The first two ‘Bourne’ films had been very successful, but the third film in the series was a lot less. Matt Damon thought that this was the case. He told the GQ magazine how terrible he thought the script was, written by director Tony Gilroy. “It is actually the fault of the film studio, because they have maneuvered themselves into that position. I don’t blame Tony for accepting a huge pile of money and submitting the scenario when he did. But it was simply unreadable. It was good for the end of a career. I mean, put that thing on eBay, and it would be end of story for him. It’s terrible. Really embarrassing.”

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