These 3 foods that will kill your manhood

If you find it difficult to be “hard” under the belt, if you no longer have the same sezxual drive as before or if you notice that you are softer and more tired than before.

Some foods may be killing your overall sezxual drive by causing your male hormone production levels to plummet. One or more of these foods may be causing your pain.

1. Soya

At one point in some people’s lives, they would want to try being a vegetarian. They will start gorging on soy burgers, soy milk, and a bunch of other products meant to replace animal meat to compensate.

A big mistake for especially males. They did not immediately make the connection, but their desire to perform and the quality of their erections plummeted during this period.

Some might think they were eating “healthy”… But in the end, they will have never had so little energy in their life. According to several research works, soy contains isoflavones, which have positive virtues for the body… but also have properties similar to those of estrogen, the female hormones!

Suddenly, eating too much soy can have harmful effects on your masculinity …

2. Alcohol

A glass of wine or a cocktail every now and then, there’s no harm in that. But drinking too much alcohol can nail your performance to the ground!

Why? Because alcohol will prevent blood from staying in your machine. As a result, you will be able to have an erection… But you will have trouble maintaining it.

Alcohol can interfere with your responses to se*ual stimulation… which will stress you out at the time. And there you start a vicious circle where you overthink about your pole, which makes it even harder to maintain.

Finally, to drive the point home, alcohol is quickly turned into fat by your body. And the more we gain weight, the more male hormone levels tend to drop.

3. Mint candies and chewing gum

It’s a good idea to tick off before kissing a girl. But don’t overdo it! Taken in too much, menthol lowers your stimulation levels and, therefore, your desire to perform.

Now that you know all that, the logical question is: How to increase your hormonal levels (and therefore your lib!do) naturally?

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