These celebrities are in Epstein’s notorious black booklet

Does he take their secrets into the grave? These celebrities are in Epstein's notorious black booklet

Now that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who is suspected of child abuse and human trafficking, has died, it looks like his many secrets will never see the light of day. After all, nobody knows how to decipher all inscriptions in his notorious black notebook. According to Epstein’s former butler, that booklet would be the key to unraveling his pedigree work.

The story is now known: Jeffrey Epstein was accused of abusing dozens of underage girls. Between 2002 and 2005 he allegedly built up an illegal network for women trafficking in New York and Florida. Some girls would not have been older than 14 years. A few days ago, a new load of previously sealed legal documents was made public, containing new, disturbing details about what was happening in Epstein’s houses. Epstein risked a prison sentence of up to 45 years. But he himself always claimed to be innocent.

According to his former right-hand man, Alfredo Rodriguez, who has since died, Epstein wrote down all his secrets in a black notebook, a sort of diary. The book was described as ‘The Holy Grail’. In the infamous script, Epstein is said to have recorded the details of all (minor) girls who were invited to his home for him and his friends. All contact details of those famous friends are also noted in the booklet, as well as the details of Epstein’s employees. Of all those hundreds of names, around 50 were also circled. Those names would probably be the victims of Epstein, as well as the names of the accomplices.

These celebrities are in Epstein’s notorious black booklet
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Famous names

It was, of course, no secret that the deceased billionaire was in the highest social circles. So it is not surprising that there are

some big names in the black notebook. Such as Bill Clinton, Janice Dickinson, British prince Andrew, Duchess Sarah Ferguson, ABC news presenters Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos, film director Woody Allen, comedian Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Hurley, Phil Collins, Alec Baldwin, Courtney Love, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey , Dustin Hoffman, Ralph Fiennes, Larry Summers, Bryan Ferry, Michael Jackson, Simon Oates, Mick Jagger, Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, Andrew Jarecki, Flavio Briatore, Tom Ford, Andrew Jarecki, Eddy Irvine, Hannah Rothschild, Ted Kennedy, Prince Salman, Yasmin Le Bon, Rob Rosenstein, Eva Andersson, Rupert Murdoch, Jane Rosenthal and Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump.


Epstein was the only one who knew how to relate all the names, and what all the writings meant. The infamous booklet cannot be further investigated, because only Alfredo Rodriguez knew where it was. The billionaire’s right-hand man acquired the notebook years ago by stealing it, as he said, as “insurance for his own life.” When he attempted to sell the book to the media, he was arrested, but he refused to hand over the notes to the investigators.

Even when he disappeared behind bars for 18 months for those facts, Rodriguez kept his lips tight and the black book was never found. Epstein’s right hand eventually died of the consequences of a serious illness and so took his knowledge with him to the grave. Now that Epstein has also died, it seems almost impossible that all the secrets from the book will someday be unraveled.

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    1. He still a suspect and never accepted those allegations. Sharing his assets among his victims won’t be possible

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