These Chrome extensions make web browsing a little easier

Google Chrome is still by far the most used browser. Did you know that several handy extensions can make your surfing life a lot easier? We list a few of our favorites.

Save to Google Drive

This extension does exactly what it promises. It places a small icon in the top right corner of the browser that allows you to send everything you view to your Google Drive account for later viewing. This works for taking screenshots as well as saving images, audio or video.


Nimbus allows you to take full or partial screenshots. You can then use the tool to add images such as arrows and stickers, text boxes, highlight text, and blur areas you don’t want to see before sending them to a colleague or friend. This is possible for both the part that appears on the screen and complete web pages (scrolled from top to bottom).

In addition, Nimbus allows you to record videos on your screen to create a screencast, so you can easily show someone remotely how to do something without the hassle of remote access settings.


This is a very nice password manager. It stores all your logins in an encrypted vault that syncs across all your other devices. And for those in the know: all data is secured with AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256. In layman’s terms, this means that it is a secure password manager.

Tab Wrangler

You know that… that without realizing it, you suddenly have 35 tabs open and no longer know where to look? Tab Wrangler automatically closes tabs that have been left open for too long but keeps them on hand when you need them. If you use a lot of tabs, this is an absolute must-have. This way, you can keep dozens of tabs open without compromising the performance of your laptop or desktop computer.

Download manager

Want a quick overview and access to what you’ve downloaded? Download Manager is a good alternative to the default download manager in Chrome. This extension lists all downloads in a drop-down menu accessible in the top right corner of the browser window. You can search for specific downloads or go straight to the full default download page from that menu. Quick and efficient.


Momentum is a beautifully personalized dashboard extension. This way, you create a beautiful landscape photo, a to-do list, weather conditions, and temperature all together in an overview based on your location and, if desired, inspiring quotes. The creators behind Momentum state that the goal of this extension is to create a new dashboard that gives you a moment of peace and inspires you to be more productive. They want to achieve this by asking you every day what your main focus is. So mindful and productive.

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