These foods accelerate aging – says dietician

Some foods have a negative impact on the body and accelerate aging. According to a Russian dietician, these include processed food products that contain at least five additives such as colorings, flavorings, preservatives, and thickening agents.

Dietician Tamara Prountseva told the Russian weekly ‘Argoumenty Fakty’ that a number of food products are responsible for premature aging.

The specialist specifies that these are processed food products in which at least five additives are present, such as colors, flavors, preservatives, and thickening agents.

Sausages, hamburgers, pastries

This category includes sausages, semi-finished products, pastries, dairy desserts, and soft drinks. “Processed foods can neutralize complex carbohydrates. They can reattach excess glucose and thus regulate blood sugar levels,” she explains.

Ms. Prountseva advises eating bread, cereals, durum wheat pasta, and about 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day.

Preserving health, beauty, and youthfulness of the skin in summer. These are foods rich in protein (cheese, fish and its eggs, meat, cottage cheese, egg yolk, soybeans, nuts), vitamins and micronutrients (iron, copper, vitamin C, vitamin E, sunflower oil, nuts) or dietary fiber (figs, dried apricots, apples, cereals).

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