These Oscar speeches nailed everyone to the ground

Tomorrow the most important prizes in the film world are presented: the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. To count down, we are already offering you a warm-up: we will present the most bizarre winners’ speeches once.

With their speech, these celebrities took care of a lot of dubious looks in the audience and at the viewers at home.

Sally Field (72) for Places in the Heart (1985)

Receiving an Oscar is always exciting. And apparently, not everyone has been given to preserve the calm. This way Sally Field could not control her emotions in 1985. She ended her hysterical word of thanks in a bizarre way “You like me! You really like me!” To rant. Her excesses were later parodied innumerable times.

Jack Palance (87) for ‘City Slickers’ (1992)

That an actor or actress seizes the moment of gratitude to put herself in the spotlight was unseen. Until Jack Palance, when a seventy, did it in 1992. The actor showed off his own physical top condition, broke a lance for actors of age and immediately ventured to push a few push-ups on the stage to prove his views.

Gwyneth Paltrow (46) for ‘Shakespeare in Love’ (1999)

Winners who already burst into tears when their name is called are never a good sign. As was the case with Gwyneth Paltrow in 1999: during her speech for ‘Shakespeare in Love’, Gwyneth literally went on for a long time, which led to great irritation among the viewers. She listed one name after another, interspersed with uncontrollable crying. This makes it one of the most uncomfortable speeches ever.

James Cameron (64) for ‘Titanic’ (1998)

Someone like James Cameron did not expect that he would make an outburst. And yet it happened in 1998. Although his speech first seems normal and smooth, James suddenly shouts “I’m the king of the world” and starts to cry like a wolf. Later Cameron himself acknowledged during interviews that he had misbehaved.

Roberto Benigni (66) for ‘La Vita è Bella’ (1999)

Thanks to Roberto Benigni, the history books are undoubtedly one of the most bizarre of all time. When his “La Vita è Bella” bagged the statuette, Benigni began suddenly to a story that hardly anyone could understand. “I want to be Jupiter and kidnap everybody and to make love with everyone in the open air,” he rattled. It was painful for many to see.

Angelina Jolie (43) for ‘Girl, Interrupted’ (2000)

When Angelina Jolie showed up with her brother in 2000, the attendees did not know what they were seeing. The actress first had an extensive and unabashed kiss with her own brother on the red carpet and during her speech, Angelina took things a step further. “I love my brother so much now. He helped me and said that he loves me,” she said without blinking. The incest rumors could not be ignored afterward.

Halle Berry (52) in 2002, for ‘Monster’s Ball’

Can it be even more extreme than Gwyneth Paltrow? Halle Berry made the viewers doubt in 2002. Admittedly, as the first black woman to win an Oscar in a leading role, she deserves a lot of respect. But Halle was so carried away by her emotions that the whole speech became one elongated series of uncomfortable moments.

Michael Moore (64) in 2003, for ‘Bowling for Columbine’

When Michael Moore started collecting his images in 2003, he saw that moment as an excellent opportunity to protest against then-President Bush. A completely misplaced maneuver, many found. It quickly became even more embarrassing when Michael was taken off the stage with loud boos. The not so subtle music did not help either.

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