Things that are completely pointless and will simply waste your time and stress

Anything that at least partially makes us waste our time and nerves is immediately sent to the trash heap. Unfortunately, some people will spend their time on what is completely pointless and will simply waste their time and stress.

You do not need to overcome, like a crusader during the siege of Jerusalem, taking on unnecessary actions and emotions, and believe that this will strengthen you or at least become a useful lesson. No, it won’t, you just waste your energy. Therefore, it is better to discard the useless things listed below, and life will become easier.


It’s okay to worry about things that could radically affect your life, for better or worse. Another thing is to experience this feeling constantly and for any reason. You’re just wasting your nerves worrying if you’ll be ten minutes late for work or because of the strange sound that your car gave out once. Relax, why waste your nerves on such trifles?


Many people blame themselves for almost any action that, in their opinion, will badly affect the reactions of others, karma, or something else. But this feeling won’t do you any good. It’s okay to apologize for a wrong that hurt someone, but constantly feeling guilty about the little things you do every day can lead to increased stress hormones and a nervous breakdown.

Regretting the past

The past has passed, no matter how tautological it may sound. Leave it where it belongs and draw the right conclusions. The more you drag on yourself bad thoughts from the past, the more you will be angry, and gradually it will crush you. Just draw conclusions from an unpleasant situation and try not to fall into similar ones, or at least prepare to meet it fully armed.

High expectations

It is common for all people to have high expectations. For people with high self-esteem, this usually refers to positive moments when they expect to see an equally intellectually developed personality in front of them. If self-esteem is low, higher expectations are in relation to negative factors. In any case, it is worth getting rid of such thoughts and assessing everything soberly.

Negative thoughts

We are not going to be like personal growth coaches and bloggers who repeat one after another the mantra “put aside negative thoughts and think positively.” No, this is very difficult to do. We just want to say that any negative thoughts like anger, sadness, and anxiety overwhelm your mind and prevent you from relaxing and enjoying life. Letting go of negative thoughts is not for the sake of successful success, but for your peace of mind.

Trying to be everyone’s favorite

Please stop trying to be a good boy for those around you, you are not a dog that wags its tail in a funny way and makes everyone feel tender. There is always someone who doesn’t like the way you dress or speak. You may be disliked for any action due to a bias. Focus only on the really important people to you, and get the rest out of your head. What difference does it make in how they treat you if you don’t interact with them, and their attitude towards you will not affect your comfort and safety in any way.

Attempts to encompass everything around in your thoughts

You are not a cyborg who can analyze the situation around in a split second and solve hundreds of problems at a time. Do not try to cover everything at once because this will lead to your physical and emotional exhaustion. The human brain is single-tasking and does not like to think about several things simultaneously. Also, remember that you cannot control everything. In general, control is an illusion because chance can intervene at any moment, even the most thoughtful plan.

Comparing yourself to others

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to start comparing yourself to those around you. This will make you either consider yourself almost a god, or dirt under your feet. In any case, this will lead to erroneous logical conclusions.


Any violence is bad. Yes, we understand that violence can be a good thing when you rush with your fists at the offender of an innocent victim, but these are special cases. More often than not, violence is used not for good, but to amuse one’s self-esteem or as a radical embodiment of mental negativity. This not only wastes your time and nerves but can also cause you a lot of problems, and in especially sad cases, even send you to the next world ahead of schedule. Use words, they are the most powerful weapon.


The problem with such a phenomenon as revenge is that it does not generate anything good and only brings negative things into this world. Yes, you can take revenge on your abuser, but what is the result? Has it changed those long-standing grudges this person has inflicted? No. Is it easier for you? Maybe, but do not forget that the one who was avenged may forget about what exactly such a negative is attached to, and a closed-loop will arise, where one will take revenge on the other.

Thoughtless surfing of social networks

Are you lying around on your bed, flipping through the social media feed with memes, and just wasting time? Before you have time to look back, it’s time to sleep, and then to work. Understand that you will not find anything useful for yourself, only informational fast food, most often of an extremely low category, from which your brain is simply limp. This does not mean that you need to give up all entertainment and only self-develop. Just stop surfing mindlessly and do something more mindful and rewarding.

Resistance to the new

To be retrograde in our ever-changing world means to doom yourself to suffering. There is no need to resist the new and feel a burning sensation at the fifth point simply because something has appeared that you do not like. You will not influence this in any way, so just put the unnecessary out of your head and do not waste your nerves on it.

Thoughts on the injustice of the world

We have said more than once that the world is really unfair, and again you can have little influence on this. With the present organization of society, the poor will continue to get poorer, the rich will continue to grow richer. Yes, it’s not fair, yes, the world is not fair. But what do justice and injustice mean in general? These are vague concepts, and for the oligarch, it is fair to take away pensions from the poor, and from Robin Hood to do exactly the opposite and make the poor people happy at the expense of the masters who profit from them. For each person, justice is different.

Lie to yourself

You can deceive anyone, but not yourself. Self-hypnosis only works in films, but not in reality, where the brain will immediately understand that they are trying to fool it. So just admit the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be, and do not waste your nerves and energy trying to convince yourself otherwise.

Chasing money

Money is an important resource in our world, but it’s not worth breaking your life because of it. If you constantly think only about money, then you risk ending up in a psychiatric hospital because only a few in this world achieve real wealth.

Taking everything too seriously

A lot of people treat life as a kind of test and are constantly in tension as if playing a difficult quest. But in reality, life is a big adventure, and it is worth living it exciting or at least treating it more relaxed.

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