“This chair is really a cancer gay”: Boy pees on the train

The Dutch Railways (NS) has started a search for a young man who has peed on a train. From the action today, images appeared online on film website Dumpert.

In the video, the boy says: “We’re just going to piss over this chair. This chair is really a cancer gay.” In the background you can hear laughter, and someone who says, “this is not possible!” It is unclear where and when exactly the incident took place.


A tweet from the Dutch Railways today includes a screenshot of the incident, in which the boy is fully in the picture. “Would you be so kind as to help us find this “young gentleman”?” “We are happy to offer him a 200-hour internship at @NS_online at the #DagvandeSchoonmaker.” An NS spokesperson explains the remarkable search.

"This chair is really a cancer gay": Boy pees on the train
©videostill – The boy in the train.

“We find it incomprehensible that someone is doing this on the train. Certainly on a day like today (it is the day of the Cleaner in the Netherlands, ed.) We want to show that we stand up for our colleagues. Yesterday, we asked the travelers to compliment the cleaners for their hard work.”


According to HLN, when asked whether NS should not be more careful with the privacy of the boy – the twitter account of the railways has more than 200,000 followers – the spokesperson said that the images have already been made public by Dumpert.

“We are just giving that message a boost. How we deal with things like this varies from situation to situation. Sometimes we prefer not to pay any attention to it, but today we thought it was necessary.”

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