This ‘face mask’ for cars is assumed to filter 99.8% of viruses

Honda has developed a new filter for cars. According to the car manufacturer, this ‘car mask’ filters 99.8% of all viruses from the air within fifteen minutes.

Although there is no standard method for determining how effective the mask is against Covid-19, such a filter – just like washing your hands and wearing a face mask – does not seem like a bad idea.

Tests showed that the so-called Kurumask air filter eliminated 99.8 percent of the virus droplets circulating in the air within 15 minutes and 99.9 percent in a 24-hour period. According to Honda, the filter will function for at least a year.

More models

“We want drivers to feel safe and comfortable even when they keep their car windows closed in cold weather,” said Takaharu Echigo, who led the development of the filter, which can be easily mounted on the cabin filter.

Honda says it is developing a car to transport corona patients and wants to use the filter to provide a safer environment for drivers. The Kurumask filter has since been installed in a model not available here. Honda plans to make it available to other models as well.

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