This German wooden asparagus statue raises eyebrow

Do you need to look at it twice, or what does your mind tell you? The two-meter-high statue of asparagus raises eyebrows in the German city of Torgau.

However, many people see something completely different in the creation than the vegetable. The sculpture, made by wood artist and Youtuber Marcus Schol, creates a lot of hilarity.

“I wanted to make a clear statement against corona and encourage the people of Torgau,” says Schol about the asparagus statue on the market square in Torgau.

“Do not lose heart, stay steadfast, we can do it,” Schol told the local newspaper Torgauer Zeitung.

Various people joke about the asparagus statue in Torgau on social media. “I see something else in it,” it says. “Germany loves asparagus but comes with a pretty silly tribute,” it said in yet another response on Twitter.

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