This is what comfort food looks like all over the world

Comfort food is like a hug for your taste buds. When everything is going against you, a good portion of salt, fat, or sugar can be exactly what you need — an overview of the favorites.

Canada: Poutine

French fries with cheese and meat sauce, or: poutine. There are so many things in Canada that serve the snack that it is almost hard to believe that the delicacy only became popular in 1950. In the French-speaking province of Québec, poutine is seen as the national dish.

Colombia: Arepa with cheese

This is what comfort food looks like all over the world

Arepas are a typical Colombian breakfast, but they are also often eaten as a high-calorie snack in the afternoon. The corn-rich taste is sublime in itself, but can also be perfectly combined with cheese, or other ingredients.

Iran: ash-e-reshteh

Many comfort food dishes mainly consist of a lot of fat, sugar, or carbohydrates. But in Iran, it can be a bit healthier. Ash-e-reshteh is a vegetable soup that is thickened with flour, beans, and sour cream.

Poland: leniwe

In the meantime, almost everyone knows the Polish pierogi, the ravioli-like pasta filled with cheese or meat that is served with sour cream or melted butter. But for those who are looking for a greater guilty pleasure, life is perfect. Cottage cheese is mixed in the pasta itself so that the dumpling remains very soft and sweet.

Morocco: pastilla

This is what comfort food looks like all over the world

If there were a competition for the most significant comfort food, then Morocco would have an edge with pastilla, a savory pie. The delicacy is usually made with meat but is sometimes also served with fish or chicken.

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