This village welcomes first baby in 8 years, counts 29 residents

Morterone, a small picturesque village in Italy, is a richer inhabitant. Baby Denis came into the world on Sunday and, believe it or not, is the first baby to be born there in as many as eight years.

Feast in Morterone, a mountainous place in Lombardy, because the population increases to 29 inhabitants. “It is a true feast for the entire community,” says Antonella Invernizzi, mayor of Morterone.

Blue bow at the door

Little Denis’s parents, Matteo and Sara, made the announcement in the traditional way: a blue or pink bow at the front door. “It is the first time that such a bow had appeared in the village since 2012 when we welcomed a girl there.”

Furthermore, the brand new mother said that a small corona-proof party is planned once she is back home: “We will welcome everyone with open arms”.

“Joy to all of us”

Morterone is the smallest village in Italy in terms of the number of inhabitants. The population dropped to 28 earlier this year when Mayor Invernizzi lost her father. “Now it’s back 29. A baby is a joy for all of us.”

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