Three golden tips for changing jobs as a person over 50

Changing jobs in the fall of your career is not easy. You often leave a familiar nest, leading to worries and uncertainty, especially if a switch is forced to happen.

At 50, changing a job is not easy, but some steps – experiences – can also be a challenge to give it a firm patch for a few more years with renewed courage and a fresh perspective. Below are some tips.

Freshen up your resume

When applying for a new job, go for a contemporary, visually strong, and attractive resume. Why wouldn’t you look as trendy as in your early twenties or thirties? Radiate energy, passion, enthusiasm, and motivation with your candidacy.

Also, show that you can deal with contemporary technologies and that you are eager to learn new things that you are not familiar with. Can you have an interview? Then look stylish and young for the day. The clothes make the man and the woman.

Take care of your social media

Make sure you are professionally visible on social media. An up-to-date LinkedIn page, in particular, is a must to appear powerful. Not created a profile yet? Don’t wait for a second with that.

Complete your profile with all your training, competencies, and jobs, place a professional image as a profile photo and be active: like, share and comment on other posts.

You will also place the link to your personal page directly on your CV. In this way, you show that you are ‘on board’.

Play out your experience

Be proud of previous successes, expertise, and skills. Throw that experience into the scales when you apply. It is a big step ahead of a school leaver. As a person over 50, you have usually also built up an extensive social and professional network. Use that. Let everyone know that you are looking for a new job and ask them to help you.

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