Top 5 countries with the best roads in the world

Which country has the best road surfaces in the world? To answer this question, a rating of countries with the best roads in the world was compiled, which included five countries with the most developed transport systems. All participants on this list scored the maximum number of points.

The top five

1. UAE

Top 5 countries with the best roads in the world

The UAE is considered to be the country with the best roads in the world. In the Emirates, according to experts, the roads are of the highest possible quality. They were rated by a team of experts at 6.5 points out of 7 possible. Absolutely all sections of the transport bed were assessed: ordinary roads, high-speed highways, the transport infrastructure of ports and airports. The highest scores were received for planned and ongoing projects to improve transport networks throughout the country.

Already now, all highways have at least three lanes in each direction along their entire length. Protective separation structures are also installed in all potentially hazardous areas. Roads in the UAE are safe for drivers.

2. France

Top 5 countries with the best roads in the world

The total length of roads in this country is more than a million kilometers. France roads are some of the best in the world, renowned for their safety and travel comfort. This is ensured by excellent lighting, informative road markings, thoughtful planning of junctions, and, of course, an ideal roadbed.

In France, all roads are divided into several different types, each of which has specific characteristics. Type A roads are high-speed highways with the highest quality road surface. The following style is designated by the letter N. These are national roads, which is almost the same as that of the highway. The main difference is that they have fewer anti-collision spacers. But this is compensated by the speed limit. Type D is departmental transport networks that are also of excellent quality. C and V denote secondary roads in the suburbs and countryside. They are inferior in quality to other transport routes, but still, surpass in quality most of their competitors from other countries.

3. Singapore

Top 5 countries with the best roads in the world

This country has one of the most modern transport networks in the world. A complex and extensive road system covers the entire country. The area of roadbed as the whole of the country is about 12% of the size of the state. This is a huge indicator; because of this, the traffic load is evenly distributed on the roads of Singapore, which solves most of the traffic problems.

All roadways have high-quality lighting, clear markings, and, of course, the highest quality pavement. High-speed highways are equipped with information screens that show the percentage of occupancy of transport routes and the number of free spaces in the nearest parking lots.

4. Portugal

Top 5 countries with the best roads in the world

The road construction system in this country is rather complicated. There are toll high-speed highways as well as regular urban and rural roads. Combines their excellent coating quality, as in many other countries, in Portugal, the construction and condition of highways are very carefully monitored. No construction and repair work is carried out without the participation of experts.

A distinctive feature of the Portuguese road transport system is the widespread use of secondary roads. There are only a few major highways. They serve only for transport links between cities.

5. Germany

Top 5 countries with the best roads in the world

It is impossible not to mention German roads on this list. They are of outstanding quality, although they were built more than half a century ago. Their strength and durability are because, initially, most of them were created to transport troops and military equipment. That is why vast columns of cars and trucks do not affect the state of the road surface in Germany in any way. The first expressways were built over 80 years ago and are still in operation.

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