Top 5 most expensive sports to play

Sport is life; this is movement; this is health. Professional and expensive sports, among other things, significant financial investments and no less high fees.

Around every professional sport, there is a continuous cash flow, which includes payroll for coaches and players, the purchase and maintenance of equipment, the organization of matches, transportation costs, and sponsorship investments, and much more.

Annual prices for other sports are comparable to the budgets of countries. Some sports are paid higher than others and based on this, a list of the top 5 most expensive sports in the world.

1. Formula 1

Top 5 most expensive sports to play

The most expensive sport is Formula 1, which involves the purchase of sports cars, the development of race tracks, and significant investments insignificant events. Technical equipment and maintenance of cars, salaries for racers, advertising, attracting investors, insurance, and other services require extraordinary expenses from club owners.

Thanks to enchanting performances, their investments can be multiplied by 3-5 times. The owner of the club can receive up to 500 million euros from one performance. Accordingly, the salaries of the riders are high.

2. Sailing

Top 5 most expensive sports to play

Huge cash costs are needed to create quality boats. At the same time, one can count the giant corporations ready to invest in the development of an expensive sport. Everything is due to the high price of ships and materials. But you still need to find good athletes and invest in their development.

A lot of costs are required for the preparation of equipment and various simulators on the water. But the fees of leading athletes amount to several hundred million dollars a year.

3. Equestrian sport

Top 5 most expensive sports to play

Many will be surprised, but equestrian competitions are one of the most expensive sports. Some thoroughbred horses range in price from $500,000 to several million dollars. In 1983, a horse named Shareef Dancer was valued at $40 million

It was bought as part of an auction. Based on the data presented, we can conclude that some horses are priced significantly more expensive than top sports cars. Imagine how much money you need to prepare them for the competition, food, etc.

4. Aviation sports

Top 5 most expensive sports to play

There is not much to explain here: what are the costs of buying (or renting) an airplane? And what about maintenance, which requires qualified technical personnel? And coverage, since air sports are among the most radical? The specialized equipment of air sports is no easier than in Formula 1 and saving money is unacceptable because the pilot’s life depends on the quality of the plane.

The line of sports planes currently includes nine models. Depending on the manufacturer (the best aircraft are those made in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland), you will have to pay $45,000 to $500,000 for the plane.

5. Football

Top 5 most expensive sports to play

It is no longer just a game in which ordinary athletes compete. We are talking about a large business that has its pitfalls. Players are exchanged regularly.

Clubs buy out other athletes for exorbitant fees. Sponsorship plays a crucial role in the development of clubs. The best Spanish clubs manage to earn about 600 million euros per year. The contracts of footballers such as Lionel Messi are valued at 71 million euros. It is difficult to say what the limits are in terms of money turnover. Every day the price of the players only increases. New stars appear.

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