Top 5 reasons why it is somehow better to be single

If you live alone and do not have a partner, you are in a pretty good position. I am convinced that most people in long-term relationships are secretly unhappy.

With the arrival of colder days, many people who are not in relationships feel nostalgia, and, more often than not, they need to have a partner by their side. Of course, it is nice to have a partner with whom you can hug, but relationships can also be awfully uncomfortable.

If you don’t believe me, think about these amazing reasons why you should choose to be single. However, research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships revealed several reasons why it is better to be single.

1. Freedom

Top 5 reasons why it is somehow better to be single

How many of them really kept their word? I bet they didn’t keep that many. Don’t worry; we will stay in touch! These statements always come from friends who are marrying and/or having children. They still have to meet up with their partner or children to keep up their promises and fulfill their obligations.

This should not come as a surprise, as these are important life decisions that require you to sacrifice your free time and personal freedom.

It is difficult to find time to do a lot when you have a spouse and child to consider. If you are not prepared for this obligation, then loneliness can be for you.

2. Peace and quiet sleep

Top 5 reasons why it is somehow better to be single

Oh! I will miss hugging and cuddling, or I have been lonely for some time now, and I like it for the most part… but the lack of physical touch has made me a little crazy.

Even though snuggling is nice, somehow, it is complicated to sleep next to another person, especially if they snore! Bad breathe or with body odor. If you encounter or have experienced those feelings, then being single might be a good option for you.

3. Flirt without fear

Top 5 reasons why it is somehow better to be single

In reality, everyone sometimes flirts, whether they are alone or not. This act is somehow innocent in nature. However, it can still lead to embarrassment if one person develops feelings for someone who is romantically involved.

Adding to this, with an unreliable partner, this embarrassing moment can quickly become a terrible encounter. If you like to flirt, then think about being single.

4. Freedom to travel

Top 5 reasons why it is somehow better to be single

One of the reasons why it’s better to be single is that no one is stopping you from packing your bags tomorrow and traveling somewhere. Even if only for the weekend, to stay out all night, sleep all day, go to even a few meetings and do everything or whatever your heart desires.

But how do you think your romantic partner will react if you wake up and decide to travel somewhere, spend a weekend or sleep elsewhere? They probably would not have been happy if you had not included them in this decision, and that is fair.

That is why it is somehow better to be single because singlehood has the freedom to travel at a whim without burning the bridge.

5. More confident

Top 5 reasons why it is somehow better to be single

Have you ever experienced a breakup so emotionally draining that you barely function for weeks or months after that?

Love is a double-edged sword that has both favorable and unfavorable parts. Passionate feelings cannot and should not be silenced. But never let a person be the only subject of your thoughts because few relationships are designed to successfully last long.

If you disagree with this risk, then being single can be of help.

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